Be Prepared
Be Confident
Be Empowered
By Midwives

Face to Face Childbirth Classes

Face to face program available in person or virtually with our team of highly trained and experienced midwives.

Online Childbirth Course

Online program for families to complete at their own pace with 24/7 access.


Understand the changes to the pregnant body, the role of hormones and the importance of adequate diet and nutrition.

Labour and Birth

Honour and embrace your own individual journey of birth

Unexpected Outcomes

Remove the fear of birth by acknowledging the many variations that birth encompasses 


Caesarean Birth

Explore another type of birth that is equally as miraculous 

Active Instinctive Birth

Physical preparation is important to nurture the instinctive movement of our body and to provide clarity of the mind. Birth is a mind, body and soulful experience


Discover with your baby, the learned skill of breastfeeding that requires preparation, practice, perseverance, passion and patience


With baby, learn as a new family together to facilitate a positive, nurturing and enjoyable transition into parenthood

Meet the Midwives

We are Hayley and Gillian. We are passionate, knowledgeable, experienced and highly qualified midwives and nurses. With over 25 years combined experience in antenatal, birth, postnatal care and educator roles, we are a dynamic team dedicated to providing quality and exceptional family centred education.

What is BirthHQ?

At BirthHQ we believe in supporting families with evidence based knowledge to prepare for the life changing journey that is parenthood. As Registered midwives and mothers, the passionate team at BirthHQ guide families through pregnancy, birth and beyond. Knowledge is empowering.

We understand that the learning process continues following birth and we provide guidance as you get to know your new little addition.  

Who is BirthHQ for?

BirthHQ is designed for all expectant families whether it be your first experience of pregnancy or you have birthed before.

We honour and embrace the many variations that birth encompasses.

Every birth is unique and miraculous however it happens. 



“Thank you so much for all you have done for Chloe and me. Your support, positive attitude, sense of humour and permanent smile relieved me of so much worry and pressure. You have an amazing calmness surrounding you that immediately reassures those in your care. Please don’t ever forget the impact of the immediate reassurance and relief you bring through your optimism, positivity and calmness when you deal with your future mums. Thank you!”


“Thank you for being such beautiful natured midwives. You made the birth of our baby girl Sienna that much more easier and special, we are so lucky and thankful to you.”