Intimate Group Classes
Sunshine Coast

Weekends 9am to 2pm
Give yourself the best start to birth with our highly trained team of midwives

Educating and Empowering You

Helping You With Birth and Beyond

A gentle, nurturing approach that encourages informed decision making to enhance your preparation and readiness for parenthood.

What Is Involved?

Embrace Labour and Birth

Explore Unexpected Outcomes

Educate Caesarean Birth

Empower the Mind, Body and Soul

Enlighten with Breastfeeding

Evolve into Parenthood

Topics Covered

Labour and Birth

Honour and embrace the journey of birth 

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Evidence based learning will help you to understand labour and birth, the stages involved, changes of the body, when to advise your caregiver and more!

Unexpected Outcomes

Remove the fear of birth by acknowledging the many variations that birth encompasses

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Birth is often unforeseen and unpredictable. We educate about the cascade of intervention, induction of labour, pharmaceutical pain relief and assisted birth.

Caesarean Birth

Explore another type of birth that is equally as miraculous 

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Understand the Caesarean birth process, the preparation, procedure, cares involved immediately after birth and the expected recovery.

Active Instictive Birth

Physical preparation is important to nurture the instinctive movement of our body and to provide clarity of the mind. Birth is a mind, body and soulful experience

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Active instinctive birth includes the preparation for birth, understanding the pelvis, optimal fetal positioning, movement and positioning in labour, natural pain relief options, incorporating birth skills, massage, relaxation techniques and much more!


Discover with your baby, the learned skill of breastfeeding that requires preparation, practice, perseverance, passion and patience

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Although breastfeeding is natural, we acknowledge that it isn’t always easy and is a learned art. Learn the benefits of breastfeeding for mother and baby, the first feed, correct attachment and positioning, the importance of skin to skin, identifying baby cues, understanding your milk supply, partner support, common concerns and problem solving strategies.


With baby, learn as a new family together to facilitate a positive, nurturing and enjoyable transition to parenthood

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Gain knowledge about hospital preparation, packing your bag, what to expect after your birth, safe sleeping, baby care and techniques. Evidence based knowledge to encourage informed decision making in the best interests of your baby and family.

$395 per couple

Are you currently between 10 to 20 weeks pregnant?

Our Early Pregnancy class is for you!

This class explores the changes to the pregnant body, the essential role of hormones and the importance of optimal and safe diet and nutrition. We answer all of your questions! A beautiful two hour introductory class to welcome and prepare you for the wonderful journey ahead.

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How Do I know If BirthHQ is Right For Me?

You Decide
BirthHQ promotes choice and the power to decide which classes are in your best interests to maximise your learning journey.
Family Centred
BirthHQ encourages the importance of holistic family centred care.
Learn with your baby
BirthHQ acknowledges that learning is ongoing and continues together as a family as you get to know your baby.
BirthHQ understands life gets busy and offer a range of classes to suit your needs.

How It Works


Professional Education

Become informed by two knowledgeable experienced and passionate registered midwives and nurses with over 25 years combined experience.

Multiple Topics

A range of topics covering all aspects of pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Weekend Classes

Our classes are held over a Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 2pm both days. A calm peaceful environment to make you feel at ease to optimise learning.

Refreshments Provided

Nourishing food, snacks and beverages provided complementary, recognising and catering to specific dietary requirements for face-to-face studio classes.

Support Group

Exclusive access to resources and network with other BirthHQ families to consolidate knowledge and enhance confidence.

Available Methods

Group Studio Class Sunshine Coast

Families are educated by an experienced midwife, in an intimate group setting, with a maximum of six couples to optimise your learning needs.

Group Virtual Class Australia-wide

Families gain the empowering knowledge they require from the comfort of their own home. An experienced midwife will conduct group classes via Skype or Zoom.

Our Studio


Suite 504, Level 4, Pulse Oceanside Medical
11 Eccles Boulevard, Birtinya Qld 4575
Suite 504, Level 4 Pulse Oceanside Medical
11 Eccles Boulevard, Birtinya Qld 4575

Located directly opposite Sunshine Coast University Hospital


Apart from allocated disabled parking spots, there is limited onsite parking. Two hour paid street parking is available in Shine Court. A Sunshine Coast Council run carpark is one block away on Eccles Boulevard or free parking located in Prosperity Drive.