Hayley Hall

BirthHQ Director/Co-Founder

Registered Midwife (MMid), Registered Nurse (BNg) and Lamaze Childbirth Educator

‘Hi, I’m Hayley! I am in constant awe of the power of families, the power of women, the power of the mind, the power of the heart and the power of the body to carry, birth, nourish and nurture a child’.

My Story

I am the proud co-founder of BirthHQ, a registered midwife, nurse, paediatric massage consultant and mother of three beautiful children. Since 2004, I have worked in the hospital environment assisting families throughout pregnancy and birth, aiding in the early transition to parenthood. My passion is providing valuable, evidence-based education as knowledge inspires families to embrace their unique journey and trust in their own beliefs and instincts. I acknowledge that birth is often unforeseen and unpredictable however the right antenatal education encourages families to be prepared, adaptable and positive whilst remaining in control of their birthing experience thus reducing fear and anxiety.

My Values & Beliefs

Every birth is miraculous

Birth encompasses many variations and is beautiful and a blessing however it happens.

Write your own story

Your journey of pregnancy, birth and parenthood is unique and never the same as someone else. Don’t compare yourself.

You always have a choice and a voice

Knowledge is empowering and your most powerful tool. Trust yourself, your body and your baby.